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alt Botox is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic medical procedures in the world. It has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. Botox eliminates facial wrinkles by freezing the action of muscles that create wrinkles. + view

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based injectable filler, which lasts about six months. Because it is not animal based, there is no allergy testing required prior to treatment. Treatments typically take about 30 minutes. + view

Radiesse is a safe and effective injectable filler. It is made from calcium hydroxyapatite gel. This is another natural product but lasts significantly longer (typically over a year). + view

Juvederm is the curent standard of care for lip augmentation and filling of facial wrinkles. + view

Thermage procedures can help smooth, tighten and contour your skin for an overall younger looking appearance in a single treatment without surgery or injections.+ view

Fraxel: Fractional laser resurfacing is the most advanced way to improve aging, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, and other skin texture problems. + view

Laser Hair Removal uses laser to gently reduce unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing. + view

Laser Vein Therapy provides a safe and effective non-surgical treatment option for the removal of most unwanted vascular lesions. + view

Photorejuvenation (Removal of pigmented and vascular lesions): Targets both blood in visible vessels and melanim pigment in unsightly brown spots. + view

Brown Spots: If you have been looking for a comfortable, safe, and effective way to permanently remove brown spots such as solar lentigos and lentigenes, you're in luck! Modern technology and extensive research have finally given us the answer. + view

Acne Photoclearance: The use of intense pulse light photothermal therapy is a proven, safe, effective, and convenient treatment for acne. + view

Facials: A pore cleansing facial that detoxifies normal skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed. Cleansing the skin and pores of dirt, debris and environmental factors can allow your skin to maintain a healthy balance and enhance its ability to fight off disease and aging.+ view

Acne Treatment Facial: The acne facial is an acne fighting treatment including extractions, high frequency treatment, and masks. + view

Natural Herbal Peel: Light Herbal peeling addresses a variety of skin problems-from mild damage like reduced elasticity, sagging skin, minor wrinkles, to more severe damage such as acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. + view

Chemical Peel: Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE can improve your skin’s look, texture, and feel in a matter of minutes. + view

Liposonix: The Liposonix treatment is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that can get rid of targeted fat around your waistline. + view